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Johnny Childe is one of the hottest and most talented musicians to come around in a long time. His new CD, A Strange Reality is destined to be a hit. Johnny was born in the great State of Missouri. He moved to Hollywood, California and played with various bands.

He is not only a great song writer, but he also an unusually gifted musician. Johnny sings, plays guitar, bass, drums, and keyboard. 

Maybe once in a generation a musician comes along with his talent.

His CD, A Strange Reality, is a departure from his usual blend of hard rock & roll. Johnny wanted to record a more mainstream pop type of CD with A Strange Reality.

He accomplished his goal. There are several songs on this CD that without a doubt will become blockbuster hit songs.

Clck Here to listen to Dionysian Eyes

To Order The Entire "A Strange Reality CD" or for information on licensing songs or live performances, send an email by clicking here now!!

Listen to Johnny Childe's "Only Time Will Tell" off of the Strange Reality Album in the new movie, "Bundy a Legacy of Evil" from Lions Gate Films.

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